Farewell to SimPeg4

Our beloved SimCity 4 modding site SimPeg4 is gone. Pegasus has conformed that site is damaged beyond repair.

Most mods posted to the site are still available, because they got posted to Simtropolis Lot Exchange (STEX). The original work of Pegasus and members of the site still remain. The loss is still hard, because we lost all attachment mods, tutorials and guide, and also a good bunch of city journals posted to that site.

Community still remains. The unity of SC4 players never ends to amaze me. Simtropolis and City-Builders gave shelter to refugee simpegians and have been very helpful toward attempts to save what is left to be saved from SimPeg4 resources.

I started playing the game in 2003. Deluxe edition brought me fun that has lasted almost 12 years. It is true that I haven’t touched to game for a some time now. I have been busy with Skyrim modding community, replying to questions and writing guides in Steam discussions and other sites. I have still been following the community closely and I also have been slowly working with my custom SC4 map that I intend to play in the future.

It is sad to see SimPeg4 go. My own old CJ, tutorial posts and other forum threads went down with it. I am still very glad to see that the simpegian community seems determined to survive and how helpful others are in that.

My thanks to Pegasus for all the work he put to SC4 and Pegprod team that held the lights on, after Pegasus retired from modding. SimPeg4 has now moved in to gaming history, but story of the SC4 simpegian community seems far from done, thanks to active members and helpful hands.