Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I am a Finnish citizen activist, writer and gamer. I spend my free time supporting games and building gaming communities. My other hobbies include writing fantasy and science fiction, birdwatching and social politics. Most content in this blog is about gaming, but I will also use it to publish some of my creative work and personal views.

Rules around here are quite simple. I do not accept any sort of bigotry, racism, “fake factions”, spamming or out of topic arguing. I will remove replies to threads, if they fall in to categories that I feel out of place.

Otherwise feel free to comment and discuss in relaxed manner around the blog. I am always happy to get new ideas from posters and read their opinions.

Publishing guidelines

I take editor’s responsibility of content I have published myself. Blog aims to separate personal views and facts from each other, loosely following Guidelines for Journalists and an Annex of Finland. I am not a journalist and blog is not directly subject to these guidelines. As I do have some amount of journalist background, I am using these guidelines as personal ethical guidelines for my articles.

English is not my first language. I will make mistakes, so I do not have problems of accepting corrections to articles. Any edits to articles will be explained in the article itself. I consider that as a good publishing behavior.


I am supporting several gaming communities around the internet. This blog was made as my personal space, where I can manage content more directly. Community links can be found from sidebar. Feel welcome to join us.