Forward with 2016

This blog has been silent for awhile. I am sorry about that: my RL has been keeping me busy. I am still very active in gaming forums and we have been doing a lot. This blog will soon get updates about what we have been up to and few new tutorial posts about modding games with Mod Organizer.

Political situation in Finland has also been quite messy. It seems that every post that I plan to write gets responded several times in social media, before I even have time to finish my work. I dislike writing about my opinions and views in a short notice: that does not serve the purpose. I have plenty of planned articles in my hard drive and will soon be publishing them here.

Same goes with my bird watcher hobby and gym lifestyle. There is plenty of things to share and spring is “almost” here (he says, after South Finland only got it’s first snow few days ago.)

Thank you for visiting. I will get back with blogging soon.


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