Skyrim technical and modding guides

These are my Steam guides and main posts for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am trying to keep them up to date and add new information, when ever something new comes up.

Steam guides

Checklist: CTD after Bethesda screen
Guide deals with common problem, where Skyrim closes to desktop immediately after Bethesda screen. Problem is usually related to missing master file data.1

SkyBC Dictionary
Guide attempts to open terms and acronyms related to Skyrim and modding. Co-author: Nazenn.

Forum posts

Small list of little big mods for Skyrim
Post about bug fixing mods and tools for Skyrim. Recommended Adjustments are also worth to check out. Several of them fix buglike behavior that was apparently intentionally left in by Bethesda Game Studios, but makes little sense for most players.

SKSE, memory and skse.ini
I made this post to make it easier for peoples to deal with custom SKSE.ini file and settings for Skyrim Script Extender. I was actually surprised how popular it became. I do not have any direct contact to SKSE team. If you experience any real problems with the script extender, then I recommend contacting directly to them.

1 It is relevant to know that Skyrim Workshop is currently having problems. Users may (or may not) experience problems with mods they have subscribed to. Most common problem is that they do not appear at all in Data Files, despite having proper subscriptions and having Elder Scroll Plugin (ESP) files associated with them. More about the matter here: Help thread: CK\Workshop update problem


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